Great Bash

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Other Digital Version throughout

Several of the section titles are inccorect. They read Great Javascript, this series has nothing to do with JavaScript- it is about bash.

Anonymous  Jan 17, 2014 
Other Digital Version 5

Page heading shows "Great Javascript: Level 1", in a video about Bash. :)

Carlos Cortes  Sep 06, 2014 
, Other Digital Version Page 5

"special" is written "specail"(video 5/8 at 0:51 );
most of the notes are written very poorly through the entire course- sometimes no space after using colon, full stop.

Stephen Buchanan  Sep 09, 2016 
Printed, Mobi, , Other Digital Version Page 6

"mathematician" is written "mathemetician" in video 8 time 9:17 mins.
"Bash" is written "bash" in various notes in the entire course.
"honor" could have written "honour" in English International rather than in US English for non-north-American students/people.

Stephen Alexander Buchanan  Sep 09, 2016