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PDF Page 13 and 90
3rd para on 13 and 2nd para on 90

The examples files link is incorrect. It is:

It should not be https. It should be:

O'Reilly Media
Aug 18, 2011 
Printed Page 13
Compiler error in sample code of PersonalKanban.mxml

In the sample code of file PersonalKanban.mxml, xmlns entry is missing for mx components, so Image tag has a syntax error on it.

Anonymous  Oct 12, 2011 
Printed Page 13
kanbanapp -app.xml version causes correctAppXMLProblem error

This is an issue in the sample code that may be helpful to make the readers aware of. The -app.xml version of PersonalKanban-app.xml ships with an -app.xml version of 2.6 in the sample code. This caused a correctAppXMLProblem error to occur on my machine when I went to run the application through Flex Builder. When I updated the xmlns version attribute in the -app.xml file to be version 2.0, the the application ran correctly.

Anonymous  Oct 12, 2011 
PDF Page 25
In the 'Setter method injection' code sample

The code sample displays:

public function setLoadScriptPath(value:String):void
_loadScriptPath = loadScriptPath;

Whereas it should be:

public function setLoadScriptPath(value:String):void
_loadScriptPath = value;

Kevo Thomson  Aug 29, 2011 
Printed Page 84
Ordered list at the bottom

The ordered list a the bottom of the page starts with the 2 same items ("The TaskEntryBar addTask button responds to the user's click"). Since the 2 first items are the same, the total count should be 12 and not 13 (appears in various places in the chapter).

Another issue with this list is that the first item is labeled "3", the second "1" and the third "2".

Plus, the list isn't presented like the one before (on page 77) where the "digit circles" are used as "list item icons" and are not at the end of items between parentheses.

Quentin Thiaucourt  Sep 16, 2011