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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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PDF Page 19
2nd bullet in 2nd set of bullets

The 2nd bullet in the 2nd set of bullets could be a little clearer: If you want to change the label for a field in one of the views only, you can click on the edit icon on the field *** in the layout panel *** to change it.

Elizabeth Munsey  Jul 28, 2011 
PDF Page 35
The oddball Activities module box

Confusing: "it can only be a One-to-many relationship into it" Its a bit different than most related modules, in that it can only be a One-to-many relationship into it, and it drops two subpanels into your module instead of one like other module relationships do.

Elizabeth Munsey  Jul 28, 2011 
PDF Page 41
subtitle on the page

Confusing: Bring the new happens with the conference into the Activity Stream I assume this is supposed to be something like: Bring the new conference modules into the Activity Stream

Elizabeth Munsey  Jul 28, 2011 
PDF Page 46
1st paragraph under the code snippet

The word "existing" is in italics. First off, well need to add to the existing logic_hooks.php file in the custom/modules/pos_Sessions/ directory, adding two entries for before_save logic hooks to send out these emails.

Elizabeth Munsey  Jul 28, 2011 
PDF Page 68
1st paragraph in summary

Don't think the word enabled should be in this sentence. We created forms for enabled Attendee registration, speakers to send in their speaker abstracts, and to provide feedback on sessions, and linked these forms to our SugarCRM instance using

Elizabeth Munsey  Jul 28, 2011