FileMaker Pro 12: The Missing Manual

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PDF Page 148
First paragraph

Original text: ......... To select the others, you have to press Shift and then double-click the other tabs.

If you double click the other tabs, it will also mean to edit the Tab control. What it should actually mean is, to "single"- click the tab twice.

James Ho  Dec 18, 2012 
Printed Page 578
Section: Deciding Which Table Needs a New Occurrence

The second bullet point, describing how you would link the Expense table and the Line item table in this particular scenario conflicts with the matching scenario instructions in the first paragraph at the top of the next page (579), specifically as it relates to Line Item data being displayed on the Expenses layout and the new key field needing to be created and in which table to create it.

Also, it would be most helpful if, for each of the bulleted scenarios it would just come right out and say which table would need a New Occurrence.

Dave Saunders  Jan 31, 2013