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Printed Page 38
right hand side


in this page the text says that 3 volts corresponds with 400 Hz, but the figure says 2 volts corresponds with 400 Hz.


Bart Coninckx  Jul 29, 2017 
Mobi Page 11905


Current Copy:
If you observed the output of an analog synthesizer with an oscilloscope, you would see that the waveform voltage is continous, as opposed to the characteristic stepped appearance of a digital signal source (Figure 1-1).
continous, should be continuous,

Current Copy
The features that set digital scopes apart from their analog couterparts are legion.
couterparts should be counterparts

Current Copy
The sustain phase is a user-settable DC level whose range is adjustable between the ADSREG’s minimum and maximum output voltages (Figure 3-19 shows the ADSREG’s output as a gate is applied throughut its attack, decay, and sustain phases).
throughut should be throughout

Current Copy
The VCO’s frequency should rise to a maximum and stay there until you relase the button, at which time the VCO’s frequency should fall back to where it was.
relase should be release

Current Copy
op amp will adjust its output voltage to cause the inverting and noninverting inputs to be at the same voltage, so we automatically know that the output is going to drive enough current through the series combinaton of the feedback resistor and the resistor to ground to drop 1V across 10K resistor RG.
combinaton should be combination

Current Copy
If any unwanted noise finds its way into the circuit, the comparator will chatter (make several high to low transistions) as the input signal makes its zero crossings.
transistions) should be transitions)

Anonymous  Oct 22, 2019