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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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Mobi Page Loc 5816
Example command right after the note on --long option

The text reads: For example, the following query would return the items where the id is alice OR bob: $ knife search node "name:susu OR name:atwood" It should say: For example, the following query would return the items where the name is susu OR atwood:

raquelrag  Dec 22, 2015 
Safari Books Online 6
chapter 6, Chef Client Modes, 1st full paragraph

same errata already reported for other versions also applies to the safari version. "This is why client-client created the nodes/ directory. Local mode was designed to support rapid Chef recipe development by using Chef Zero, the in-memory, fast-start Chef server." client-client should be chef-client

Jason Kane  Feb 24, 2016 
Printed Page 10
text editor

You suggest sublimetext, would it better to use visual studio code with chef extension installed as that is free?

Anonymous  Jul 27, 2021 
Printed Page 11-28
chef dev kit

It looks like most of the url are no longer any good as chef no longer has the chef dev kit. I assume that we are supposed to use chef workstation? ps- do you have a PDF or website link for the book that talks about all the changes, as the book?

Anonymous  Jul 27, 2021 
Printed Page 83
1st Paragraph

YAML file format and how to synchronise source between host and guest The online .kitchen.yml file has the reference material, suggest you add that into example 5.1 and then explain in the breakout that files created in each folder will be synchronised If a reader is following the examples correctly AND watching output then this exposition should be enough. Not sure at this point if you mention them later in the book but its a big omission

Barry Mockett  Aug 28, 2015 
Printed Page 92
last paragraph staring with "Before chef-client local mode was implemented ..."

The second sentence "chef-solo offers an additional client mode called solo mode." should read "chef-client offers an additional mode called solo mode."

Anonymous  Aug 07, 2015 
Printed Page 150
First paragraph

The weblink to download Enterprise Chef takes you to a page where you can enter details but nothing seems to happen - it simply returns to the form page. No emails are sent. I checked this with Mozilla (with a AdBloc+ and Ghostery) but the behaviour was identical in Chrome with no blockers. Further more - locating the download by finding the downloads here: no longer offers the choice of version 11.1.8 - the one stipulated in the text. The highest 11 version available is 11.1.7 and then the next one is 12.0.0. Given a major number change it's quite possible there have been some big changes.

Anonymous  Dec 05, 2015 
PDF Page 155
Example 9-3 listing, last line

execute 'chef-server-ctl reconfigure' should be replaced with execute 'private-chef-ctl reconfigure' Otherwise kitchen converge will fail on that task, since there is no chef-server-ctl in private-chef-11.1.8-1

Alexander Tatevyan  Nov 06, 2019 
Safari Books Online 183
Example 15.5 and 15.13

Example 15.5 contains ' - role[webmaster]' and should be ' - role[webserver]'. Example 15.5 contains ' roles_path: ../../.roles' and should be ' roles_path: ../../roles' Prior to running kitchen converge prod-centos65, the Policyfile.rb must be renamed to otherwise an error is thrown: Chef::PolicyBuilder::Policyfile::UnsupportedFeature: Policyfile does not work with an Environment configured. Example 15.13 contains 2 occurrences of ' - role[webmaster]' and should be ' - role[webserver]'. Example 15.13 contains ' roles_path: ../../.roles' and should be ' roles_path: ../../roles'

Kym Charlesworth  Dec 13, 2019 
Printed Page 184
Figue 10-3

Node A pivate key should read Node A private key under both keys

Anonymous  May 29, 2015 
ePub Page 239
Example 9-2

Private chef download url causes error. I've created an issue on the learning chef code repo.

Collin Brooks  May 08, 2016 
Printed Page 265
1st paragraph

This is from example 15-13. When defining the provisioner it says: roles_path: ../../.roles And it should be: roles_path: ../../roles (without the '.' just before roles). Cheers!

ramagaes  Jun 30, 2015 
Other Digital Version 3699
Chapter 9, example 9.3, Kindle location 3699

The line: execute 'chef-server-ctl reconfigure' Should be: execute 'private-chef-ctl reconfigure' because we just installed the RPM of the version of private-chef, that doesn't contain chef-server-ctl. The error we receive using chef-server-ctl is: No such file or directory - chef-server-ctl

Anonymous  Dec 11, 2015 
ePub Page 5406
Near end of page

Now create the file chef-playground/data_bags/api_keys/payment_system.json by using the code provided in Example   13-6. Should be: Now create the file chef-playground/data_bags/api_keys/payment.json by using the code provided in Example   13-6.

Bryan L. Gay  Jun 29, 2015 
ePub Page 5482
Last line

Create the file shown in Example   13-7 in chef-playground/data_bags/api_keys/mysql.json. Should read: Create the file shown in Example   13-7 in chef-playground/data_bags/passwords/mysql.json.

Bryan L. Gay  Jun 29, 2015 
ePub Page 5948
15th line

suites: - name: prod provisioner: client_rb: environment: production driver: network: - ["private_network", {ip: ""}] run_list: - role[webmaster] attributes: The 'role[webmaster]' will cause the 'kitchen converge' that runs later to fail. You had the reader create the 'webserver' role, not the 'webmaster' role. Your target audience may have a difficult time figuring out why this does not work.

Bryan L. Gay  Jun 29, 2015 
ePub Page 6172
near end of .kitchen.yml example

- role[webmaster] As with the earlier mistake, this is a repeat of using 'webmaster' instead of 'webserver'.

Bryan L. Gay  Jun 29, 2015 
ePub Page 6206
Below Figure 15-4

$ kitchen destroy dev-centos65 Text above indicates 'kitchen destroy' should be run with no parameters to destroy both created instances. The command here is wrong, (dev-centos65 should not be entered), but the output appears correct (both instances are destroyed).

Bryan L. Gay  Jun 29, 2015 
PDF, ePub, Mobi Page 6556

"expessed" should be "expressed"

Anonymous  Sep 16, 2019 
ePub Page 6900
end of page

Commands in ChefSpec are usually the results of an in-memory Chef run. ChefSpec matchers are documented[ ChefSpec matchers] are documented as shown in Figure   16-18. Looks like an error when copying text. Last sentence duplicates itself.

Bryan L. Gay  Jun 29, 2015