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Printed Page 12
1st paragraph

Text says the flashlight was invented in 1986. Probably was supposed to be 1896.

Anonymous  Nov 15, 2013 
Mobi Page 48
Footnotes 10 and 11

On page 30 (Kindle loc 701), response times for audio and visual stimulus are quoted, with citations listed on page 48 (Kindle loc 937). However, after checking the first citation, I see that the paper doesn't mention these reaction times at all.

Instead, I discovered another paper (linked below) which quotes all the same figures and provides proper citations for them:

Based off of this paper, the correct citations for Footnote 10 and 11 should be as follows:

Kemp BJ. Reaction time of young and elderly subjects in relation to perceptual deprivation and signal-on versus signal-off condition. Dev Psychol. 1973;8:268–72.

Thompson PD, Colebatch JG, Brown P, Rothwell JC, Day BL, Obeso JA, et al. Voluntary stimulus-sensitive jerks and jumps mimicking myoclonus or pathological startle syndromes. Mov Disord. 1992;7:257–62.

Hans van de Bruggen  May 26, 2021