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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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PDF United States

Left column on page 48 (75th page of pdf) is not in line with central and right columns - the things that should be headers (i.e. Binary Operators, Arithmetic Binary Operators, etc) have pushed things down from the line they should be on. For instance one of the rows across says:
"The difference. Multiplication x*y"
where it should read
"The product. Multiplication x*y"

Emily McLinden  May 02, 2015 
Part I. Getting Started > Chapter 1. Introduction to the Command Line > File inspection

Same error reported for Page 11 in printed copy, submitted on Aug 31, 2015

They are describing the use of the commands "head" and "tail". In this example "head" is written instead of "tail".

but on the online copy at Safari Books Online

Anonymous  Nov 13, 2015 
Figure 14-1

Figure 14-1 "Make dependency tree" has an error in it.

The command that connects fig4.svg and photon_photon.dat should be `python --input=photon_photon.dat` instead of `python --input=magic_numbers.dat`

Dmitry Kabanov  Jun 27, 2016 
Printed Page page xxiv of the preface
Step 2

I have just started reading “ Effective computation in physics ” and tried to install the necessary software and packages today. Step 2 on page xxiv of the preface (2015 edition) instructs the user to install several packages. I was unable to install the following (using Miniconda):
- ipython-notebook
- pandas \ pytables
- mpi4py

Do these require Anaconda these days, are they no longer available, or is there some other explanation? How can I still install these and complete all the exercises in the book?

Thanks for your help

Anonymous  Sep 14, 2022 
Printed Page Preface xxiv
Step 2:

Windows 10 does not recognize the command.
conda' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Kendall  Dec 31, 2022 
Printed Page page number 49
4 and 5 line of code on this page

Page number 49 where the code In [2]: (42+65) + 1 should be In [2]: (42 + 65) -1 to be consistent with the text above. In addition on the line below 108 should be 106 due to the change. The error is that the text considers subtracting 1 but the code adds 1.

Jan Jansen  Jun 02, 2023 
Printed Page 11
First line of code

They are describing the use of the commands "head" and "tail". In this example "head" is written instead of "tail".

Nicolas Guarin-Zapata  Aug 31, 2015 
PDF Page 59
United States

"itself and all you to access all of the variables" --> should be "itself and allow you to access all of the variables"

Emily McLinden  May 02, 2015 
ePub Page 70
Last example before "Permissions and Sharing" section

Example is shown as:
~/fission/applications/power $ head -1 reactor.txt | tail -1

This only shows the first line, the stated objective is the 11th line of the file reactor.txt. Example should read:
~/fission/applications/power $ head -11 reactor.txt | tail -1

John Leeman  Jul 14, 2015 
Mobi Page 75.5
end of Combining Utilities with Redirection and Pipes

~/fission/applications/power $ head -1 reactor.txt | tail -1

Should say:
~/fission/applications/power $ head -11 reactor.txt | tail -1

Anonymous  Jul 14, 2015 
PDF Page 126
3rd paragraph

Text missing from beginning of 3rd paragraph

George S. Williams  Aug 09, 2015 
Printed, PDF, ePub Page 126
3rd paragraph

The beginning of the paragraph is missing:

"havior is not unlike the example earlier in the chapter concerning the different absolute values of different integers. That is, if the class is defined properly, it should be possible to set the position variable uniquely for each particle. Using the class to create a list of observed Particle objects might, in that case, be achieved as shown here:"

Position in ePub: 254.6/1000

Nicolas Guarin-Zapata  Sep 02, 2015 
Printed, PDF, ePub Page 151
3rd paragraph (second after Metadata)

Period instead of comma after "more":

"In an experiment, detector parameters, the date of the experiment, background radiation
readings from another detector, and more. can all affect the interpretation of
results, but these factors may not have been captured in the experimental data output
stream. They can instead be captured in the metadata."

Nicolas Guarin-Zapata  Sep 03, 2015 
PDF Page 156
2nd paragraph

Missing start of sentence

havior is not unlike the example earlier in the chapter

presumably should say something like

This behavior is not unlike the example earlier in the chapter

wilkinsrunner  Jul 09, 2017 
Printed, PDF, ePub Page 190
First line of code

It is asked to compare the same two commands with the same parameters:

- Compare grep "cat" words and grep "cat" words.

Nicolas Guarin-Zapata  Sep 03, 2015 
ePub Page 242
End of first paragraph

Spelling error grunted should be guaranteed

Robert Thomson  Feb 20, 2015 
Printed Page 286
timestep function definition (top of page)

x[1] = a_i0 * dt**2 + v0[i] * dt + x0[i]

should be:

x[1] = 0.5 * a_i0 * dt**2 + v0[i] * dt + x0[i].

As written, the positions of the masses are being calculated incorrectly.

Lukas Roots  Apr 08, 2018