MPLS in the SDN Era

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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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Printed Page 127
Bottom of p127 example 3-2.

Nowhere in the 6PE section of Chapter 3 is it mentioned that "family inet6" must be enabled on the core MPLS labelled facing interfaces such that when a packet arrives with the MPLS IPv6 explicit-null label, the label can be PoPed and an IPv6 lookup performed. This is documented in this Juniper guide: on page 11. This behaviour is still present in 13.3R8.7. I’m not sure what JUNOS version the book uses.

In the PE1 full config however, on the blog site, “family inet6” *is* present under ge-2/0/3, but inactive which doesn’t work:

I think it should be corrected in those full device configs to be active and explicitly called out in the book that “family inet6” is required on the core facing interface otherwise neither the config in the book nor the configs on the blog site will work when tested.

jwbensley  Nov 03, 2017 
Printed Page 393
fig 9.3 and page 394 step 4.

I believe the description of Inter-AS option A does not clarify how the traffic from the different VPN's is kept separate on the link between ASBR1 and ASBR3. I believe the text should clarify that the drawing only illustrates one of the VRF's (I assume the blue one). Such a note should also be made on page 394, step 4: ASBR1 looks at label S1, pops it, and sends the plain IP packet IN VLAN BLUE to ASBR3

Jan Colpaert  Sep 30, 2018