Photos for Mac and iOS: The Missing Manual

Errata for Photos for Mac and iOS: The Missing Manual

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Printed Page xxi
FEEDBACK section, last line

"... your interest in iPhoto..." should say "... your interest in Photos..."

JJG72  Feb 08, 2017 
Printed Page 6
1st paragraph.

How does Photos migrate an Aperture library that uses only "referenced" files? What if the "referenced" files are on an external hard drive? Must the Photos library be on the internal hard drive of the Mac or can it be on an external drive?

JJG72  Feb 08, 2017 
Printed Page 82
1st paragraph

Using Favourites "When you do,Photos adds a tiny white heart icon to their thumbnails upper-left corners ".
Mine adds them to the bottom-left corners.
Also on page 82, 2nd last paragraph, "click the heart outline that appears at upper left" again mine is at the bottom left.
Note also figure 4-1 on page 83 displays the icon incorrectly for me.

Raymond Hunter O'Hair  Jun 07, 2019 
Other Digital Version 277
5th Paragraph

Your Errata list for page 277 indicates that PowerPhotos cannot merge Photos Libraries, only iPhoto libraries.

PowerPhotos (v. 1.3.4) now has that capability

JBonn  Jan 07, 2018 
Printed Page 288
Should I remove duplicate images section.

Re Duplicate Annihilator you need to issue a SERIOUS health warning.

If you have created albums or - more problematically - books which contain photos that have one of two or more duplicates on your Mac, you have absolutely no control over which duplicate gets deleted.

As a result, when you run Duplicate Annihilator, it can very well ALSO delete the copy of that photo that you have in either an album or a book.

If you want to reprint a book (or simply look at it on screen) or find the photos you originally organised in an album, this is very bad news.

Nick Fraser  Feb 25, 2017