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16 minutes 39 seconds into the video

The link to the interviewing guide in video 3 returns a 404 (not found) on the web site -- the data scientist's guide to interviewing. I tried pasting the URL here but the errata form wouldn't let me submit it because of special characters (?).

This link is in the video and on the O'Reilly course page as well.

Anonymous  Jan 16, 2018 
Printed Page 3
Video 3

Link not working for ressources

Frédéric. Hébert   May 06, 2018 
ePub Page 69
1st paragraph (continuing from page 68)

In explaining the E-greedy algorithm, everything is fine until the last sentence, where it is stated that one would exploit (choose favorite restaurant) with probability E, and explore (try a new restaurant) with probability 1 - E. These probabilities should be switched, i.e. Prob(exploit) = (1 - E) and Prob(explore) = E.

Anonymous  Mar 30, 2020