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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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Other Digital Version Chapter 5, "How Compaction Works"
First paragraph underneath Figure 5-7.

"If compaction is enabled when Kafka starts (using the awkwardly named log.cleaner.enabled configuration), ..."

That configuration name is actually "log.cleaner.enable" without the "d" at the end.

Implementation details in here:

Ignacio Alonso Portillo  Aug 24, 2023 
Other Digital Version Chapter 5, "When Are Topics Compacted?"
First paragraph in that section

There is a minor typo in the spelling of the word "eligible" in the sentence "Messages are eligble for compaction only on inactive segments."

Ignacio Alonso Portillo  Aug 24, 2023 
PDF Page 69
1st paragraph under "subscribing to topics"

The subcribe() method

should read

The subscribe() method

Valentin Crettaz  Sep 23, 2019 
PDF Page 77
First paragraph

"Consider that, by default, automatic commits occur every five seconds. Suppose that we are three seconds after the most recent commit and a rebalance is triggered. After the rebalancing, all consumers will start consuming from the last offset committed. In this case, the offset is three seconds old, so all the events that arrived in those three seconds will be processed twice"

I believe with automatic commit, consumer will also automatically make commit before rebalance? Shouldn't the consumer get the up-to-date offset after rebalance?

Chatchai  Dec 20, 2019