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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

The following errata were submitted by our customers and have not yet been approved or disproved by the author or editor. They solely represent the opinion of the customer.

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Chapter 2
Fig 2.15

In the 2nd figure (Accumulation), 3rd window (12.04-12.06), the accumulated value should be 4 and not 3. This value is depicted correctly in the 1st(discarding) and 3rd(accumulation with retracting) windows.

Souptik Sen  Jan 12, 2020 
ePub Page ch 2.
Figure 2-10

The video figure on figure 2-10 does not play. The video controls display, but nothing happens.

Anonymous  Mar 18, 2020 
PDF Page Example7-1

- `GroupBy.<String, Integer>create()` may not make sense. It should be `GroupByKey.<String, Integer>create()`

- `PCollection<KV<Team, Integer>> totals = input` should be `PCollection<KV<Team, Integer>> totals = groupedScores`

Sho Nakatnani  Oct 22, 2022 
PDF Page Figure 7-1

- Event-time window [12:02, 12:04) should not include the score 4.
- Event-time window [12:04, 12:06) should not include the score 3, instead it should include the score 4.

Sho Nakatnani  Oct 22, 2022 
Printed Page 8
2nd paragraph

The Bitly URLs for MillWheel and Spark Streaming don't work as of Feb 2021. Can you please log in to your Bitly account and edit the URLs to ones that work, like the ones I found by googling.
That would solve the problem for everyone with a physical copy of the book.

Jonathan Rynd  Feb 14, 2021 
Printed Page 41
Footnote 5

"windowing" misspelt as "winnowing"

Simbarashe Dzinamarira  Oct 27, 2021 
Other Digital Version 42
Figure 2-10 Animated

In the animated 2-10 at streamingbook dot net the sum for the first pane with the perfection watermark should be 14 instead of 10. In the print version it is correct.

Simbarashe Dzinamarira  Oct 27, 2021 
Other Digital Version 46
Figure 2-11 animated

Animated diagram at streamingbook dot net shows the individual score values instead of sums when the triggers occurs. The print version shows correct sums though.

Simbarashe Dzinamarira  Oct 27, 2021 
Printed Page 104
First paragraph

s/They/The in "They key insight in providing general session support..."

Sahil Kang  Dec 28, 2019 
PDF Page 131
top of the page

Figure 4-7. Early and late firings with session windows and retractions on a streaming engine

The early 3 event in the right session should be on-time instead of early because watermark hits it before the 1 minute RU trigger.

Igor Mekterovic  Jan 23, 2020 
Printed Page 135
First paragraph under section "Example Sink: Google BigQuery"

echo 'This streaming insert API allows allows you...' | tr ' ' '\n' | uniq | tr '\n' ' '

Sahil Kang  Dec 28, 2019 
Printed Page 199
first paragraph

s/an/and in "...insufficiently flexible approaches provided by raw grouping an incremental combination."

Sahil Kang  Dec 28, 2019 
Printed Page 199
second paragraph

Missing "at" in "Finally, we looked a relatively complex, but very practical use case..."

Sahil Kang  Dec 28, 2019 
Printed Page 254
paragraph preceding the Left/Right datasets

Missing "to" in "...different types of joins as they're applied the following datasets..."

Sahil Kang  Dec 28, 2019 
Printed Page 263
penultimate paragraph

Missing "of" in "...which expand from two rows in each the inputs..."

Sahil Kang  Dec 28, 2019 
Printed Page 282
first paragraph under section "Summary"

s/as/at in "...all joins are streaming joins as the core."

Sahil Kang  Dec 28, 2019 
Printed Page 314
first line introducing bullet points

Missing "of" in: "Concretely, Beam is composed a number of components"

Sahil Kang  Dec 28, 2019