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Safari Books Online 12
Chapter 9, Showing a Selfie's Location

In step 4 of adding constraints to the MKMapView, you say to set a constraint "16 points away from the top edge of navigation bar". Having never actually explained how Add New Constraints works (nor even having pointed out where it is.. had to do a lot of googling earlier in the book the first time it came up) it's not clear how to set a constraint that relates to the *top* of an object above the object being constrained. I considered the possibility this was an error and should be "away from the bottom edge" but that's an unresolvable constraint, as it doesn't leave enough room for a 67x67 height/width constraint. This could use some clarification.

Matthew Pounsett  Apr 03, 2018 
Printed Page 104
on the line "let repo..."

the line let repo = https://github.com/apple/example-package-deckofplayingcards.git creates an error, i believe due to the // which then makes the GitHub.com... section appear to be a comment. When I change it to... let repo = "https://github.com/apple/example-package-deckofplayingcards.git" (including the quote marks) i get a new error, Fetching https://github.com/apple/example-package-deckofplayingcards.git error: failed to clone; Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/piefactory/Desktop/dealer/.build/repositories/example-package-deckofplayingcards-7c0a2312/ fatal: https://github.com/apple/example-package-deckofplayingcards.git/info/refs download error - The requested URL returned error: 403 Forbidden

Jay  May 05, 2019 
ePub Page 114
1st paragraph

The // Assert portion of the test "testCreatingSelfie()" compares a String literal assigned to selfieTitle variable in the //Arrange portion of the test with the title of an object created in the //Arrange portion of the test using that selfieTitle variable. "XCTAssertEqual(selfieTitle, newSelfie.title)". I think the author meant to have a more meaningful test by comparing selfieTitle with theSelfie, which is the Selfie returned by the method in the //Act portion of the test.

Bill Goggin  Jul 14, 2019 
Printed Page 125
3 paragraph start of coding

I tried creating the App in your book using the code you wrote for it and it doesn't work. I get error messages left and right. I am not a coder so I don't know how to correct the errors. I purchased this book to learn the language but it seems this book has taught me wrong. please send corrections to me

Tracy Dirkx  Feb 14, 2019 
Printed Page 150

I get several errors when i try to run the application at this point. the "Build the Selfie List UI" throws a sigABRT message. There is an issue with the testCreatingSelfie with the line "Guard Let theSelfie..." saying the value is define but never used, consider using a boolean. If I comment out that test entirely, I still get a sigABRT message and build time seems to crash, and the simulator does nothing. Please help.

Jay  May 08, 2019