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PDF Page p. 35
“Hello World” Example

The code does not run and gives an error. You can solve it like this:
pip install openai==0.28

Because of this:
You tried to access openai.ChatCompletion, but this is no longer supported in openai>=1.0.0 - see the README at github: openai-python for the API.
You can run `openai migrate` to automatically upgrade your codebase to use the 1.0.0 interface.
Alternatively, you can pin your installation to the old version, e.g. `pip install openai==0.28`
A detailed migration guide is available here: github: openai/openai-python/discussions/742

Daryoush  Nov 26, 2023 
PDF Page p. 35
“Hello World” Example

You may need to run these commands:

pip install python-dotenv

pip install requests

Daryoush  Nov 26, 2023