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Printed Page p. 161
Whole chapter.

Where is the source code for Chapter 6 ListMania application? I could not find it in FTP downloads online.

Fred Z.

Fred Zimmerman  Jul 29, 2009 
Printed Page 1

No source code available for download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous  Aug 08, 2008 
Other Digital Version 70
Example 3-12

[I'm guessing on the page number, it's location 170x in the Kindle version]
I'm not getting any pictures. I suspect the WhiteHouse has reorganized their website and also is using different pictures which are more horizontal. I'm still working on debugging, but I'm not finding any errors so far in my code. I get the text, but no pictures, and obviously no animation.

tstmmr  Aug 30, 2009 
Printed Page 81
Top of Example 3-15

This text -

Window x:Class="CheckOutList.Window1"

should be -

Window x:Class="CheckOut.Window1"

Anonymous  Sep 01, 2008 
Printed Page 82
3rd text block

The 2nd RowDefinition needs the Height property of 200 highlighted.
The 3rd ColumnDefinition needs the Width property of 180 highlighted.

If you implement only the highlighted changes without these 2 changes, the CheckOutList only displays a horizontal scollbar with no items visible.

Anonymous  Nov 02, 2008 
Printed Page 145
last paragraph

Tried to restore the USLastNames sample database provided in the link into SQL Server 2008 and received an error: "specified cast is not valid". Perhaps this is a SQL Server version issue - not sure. Would like to see more guidance on how to restore the backup database. Without the ability to muck around with the sample, I lose alot of the value in this chapter. I'll try to muck up my own example in the meantime - but at least it would be helpful to see the necessary components of the schema at a glance so that I could create my own database.

Perhaps a csv file would provide a more friendly interface into a variety of databases.

Anonymous  Sep 25, 2008 
Printed Page 161
Remark applies to the chapter.

Chapter 6 is missing relevant portions of code. The example is incomplete. In the source code, there is nothing for Chapter 6.

Anonymous  Feb 01, 2010 
Printed Page 175
The Whole Chapter

I'm not sure if I am reading this wrong or what else but first in chapter 6 "List Mania" the Insert statement doesn't work. On 175 in the 3rd paragraph is says "you're updating new rows in question; you ensure that with the AND ip_pk =" idPK; where is this. In the code snippets it's not there and I'm having a problem thinking of where to put it. Next how and why does the Default.aspx.cs suddenly have code in it from the ToDo.aspx.cs page other then a few changes in the code. I'm not sure if its just me but I would have gone back over my work before printing it out or in this case publising the book and making sure the data files could be restored.

Anonymous  Aug 18, 2009 
Printed Page 193
In the "Then, in ToDo.aspx.cs, add..." section

A parameter needs to be set for the SqlDataObject in order for the Insert command to add an ID number referring to the logged in user. Otherwise, new To-Do items are added to the data but do not appear in the list. The Insert command needs the parameters filled somewhere. Either in the code-behind or through data binding.

I used:
SqlDataSourceToDo.InsertParameters["id_fk_user"] = new Parameter("id_fk_user", TypeCode.Int32, Session["id_pk"].ToString());

I put this in the Page_Load method for the ToDo.aspx.cs file.

Anonymous  Jun 23, 2009 
Printed Page 207
code in middle of page

Using Silverlight 3.0, the "StackPanel" Silverlight control is not displaying the "CheckBox" controls in IE 8.0 or Firefox 3.0. I've also added a "TextBlock" control and still was not able to display the "StackPanel".

Mark Smith  Aug 05, 2009 
Other Digital Version 256
top of page

The page gives as the URL to obtain data for the example, but the URL returns a 404.

Bill Goggin  Sep 24, 2010 
Printed Page 346

Chapter 11 begins by stating that is will cover II7 and ASP.NET but it never refers to these terms again in the chapter

Anonymous  Oct 16, 2008 
Other Digital Version 386
Chapter 13

Code printed for state machine is not in sync with code download.
Code download for state machine not working with vs2008/Sql2008
throws event delivery failed exception.
Solution: Remove Tracking/persistence service from workflow or
take tracking database initialization from msdn's SqlDataMaintenance sample project. (got it working this way)

Marcel Härry  May 08, 2009