How early should I start pitching my video game?

Is there such a thing as pitching your video game to journalists too early or too late? A real-life video game and technology journalist answers these questions and more.

By Jason Imms
June 5, 2017
Screen from "How early should I start pitching my video game?" Screen from "How early should I start pitching my video game?" (source: O'Reilly)

A strong pitch can mean the difference between being noticed and being ignored, but timing is critical too. Video game journalist Jason Imms explains how to avoid common pitfalls and increase the chance of your game being covered, the best timing to kick off a marketing campaign, the inherent risks in announcing late, and what to include in crowdfunding campaigns.

Learn more about marketing your game to get the attention of journalists and influencers, raise money and attention through crowdfunding, and capture the interest of the gamers you are targeting.

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