Learn about data governance with these books, videos, and tutorials

This collection of data governance resources will get you up to speed on the basics and best practices.

September 5, 2018
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Whether you’re just getting started with data governance or you have previous experience, you’ll find something useful on this list of data governance resources.

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Learning about data governance

Use these introductory books, videos, and articles to understand the basics of data governance.

Data Governance: What You Need to Know — Jon Bruner explains how a data governance program provides the intellectual and institutional grounding to address the data needs across an organization, anticipate new issues, and provide for development according to the company’s strategic plan.

Data Governance — John Adler leads you through the maze of data governance issues facing companies today—security breaches, regulatory agencies, in-house turf battles over who controls the data, monetizing data, and more.

The Rise of Big Data Governance: Insight on this Emerging Trend from Active Open Source Initiatives — John Mertic and Maryna Strelchuk detail the benefits of a vendor-neutral approach to data governance.

Understanding the Chief Data Officer — Through interviews with current and former chief data officers (CDO), Julie Steele looks at how organizations are embracing the role of the CDO to manage the way they gather, store, and protect data.

Implementing data governance

These resources outline best practices for incorporating data governance into your organization.

Security, Privacy, and Governance — Drawn from popular talks at the Strata Data Conferences, this collection surveys several of the challenges that are central to data governance, including security considerations, compliance for regulated industries, and privacy.

Developing a Successful Data Governance Strategy —  Federico Castanedo says effective data governance requires careful planning, the right people, and the appropriate tools and technologies.

Big Data Governance for the Hybrid Cloud: Best Practices and How-To — Mark Donsky and Sudhanshu Arora share a step-by-step approach to kick-start your data governance initiatives.

Understanding Tool Integration for Big Data Architecture — Learn how to integrate Hadoop components to implement big data solutions for a variety of use cases, including clickstream analytics, time series problems, transferring data between Hadoop and relational databases, and applications in the finance sector.

Data governance trends to watch

Stay up to date with these emerging data governance topics.

Progressive Data Governance for Emerging Technologies — Anne Buff explores the governance challenges artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and machine learning (ML) present for security, privacy, regulation, and compliance.

Data Citizenship: The Next Stage of Data Governance — Antonio Alvarez and Lidia Crespo outline data citizenship, a more engaging and active method of data governance.

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