TensorFlow Day is coming to OSCON

Explore TensorFlow’s applications and its community on July 17 at TensorFlow Day at OSCON.

By Edd Wilder-James
July 2, 2018
TensorFlow logo TensorFlow logo (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Machine learning (ML) is everywhere in computing and the popular press right now, and the rapid rate of innovation is being driven by open source software. TensorFlow is one of the most popular open source ML frameworks, and the subject of TensorFlow Day at OSCON this year (July 17 in Portland, Oregon).

As an open source endeavor, TensorFlow is quite unusual: what’s available on GitHub is really the same code that is used daily in production at Google. And thanks to being open source, it’s now used by a universe of users, from academia to industry, and in places as unexpected as high schools and the arts.

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Starting from its core as a scalable Python and C++ API, the project has exploded in 2018, becoming relevant in many new areas of software, such as:

Machine learning isn’t just for AI researchers, it has important applications in almost any modern software system—from fraud detection and object recognition, to robotics and generative art. As TensorFlow spreads out from its original release two years ago at Google, our user and contributor community is vital to the project. The imagination of the community leads to ever more amazing applications and tools.

In holding the TensorFlow Day at OSCON, we wanted to achieve a couple of things. First, create a place for the community to meet face to face around TensorFlow, learn how to use it, and how to contribute. And second, start the conversation with other open source projects about how machine learning can be used.

We’ll have a day of excellent talks, both from the TensorFlow team, and from community members, on topics ranging from training and deploying machine learning, to its application in areas such as health and music. We’ll also be talking frankly about how we resource an open source project of TensorFlow’s scale: building it, handling pull requests, and triaging issues. We care too about responsible use of artificial intelligence, and we’re including an introduction to machine learning fairness.

Thanks to collaboration with IBM, we will be running a Hacking Room alongside the day’s talks. This will give space for groups to work together on an aspect of TensorFlow, learn and collaborate. You can see the full list on the web site, but it’s a place for both newcomers as well as existing contributors. There’ll be demos, collaborative sessions, and people willing to help you figure out how machine learning could work in your project.

Please join all of us at TensorFlow Day on July 17 at OSCON in Portland. Attendance is open to any OSCON attendee. As an open community, we want as many people to come as possible, so this includes Expo Plus passes! You can register here.

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