Book description

A must-have read for anyone looking to take their independently-produced film or video into the 3rd dimension. The text features technical, practical, and inspirational insight from the visionaries who've been producing 3D film and video for decades, not just in the recent past. They offer low-cost techniques and tricks they've been implementing themselves for years. A variety of styles are discussed, from full CG to time lapse - even a film made during a freefall skydive jump!

The filmmakers discuss

* Options for on-set playback
* Preparing for final playback in various formats
* Adapting existing technology to your needs
* Post production software choices
* Working with computer graphics in 3D

This book includes 3D glasses and a companion YouTube channel featuring the work of the filmmakers featured in the book (which you can view in 3D with the glasses), as well as the opportunity for you to upload your own videos for critique and feedback from the author and others.

3D glasses are not included in the purchase of the e-book of 3-DIY. If you have purchased the e-book, and would like a pair of 3D glasses, please contact the publisher at Dennis.McGonagle@taylorandfrancis.com

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About the Author
  7. Introduction: Do-It-Yourself 3D Movies
  8. Chapter 1 Eric Kurland: Shooting 720p 3D with Two Canon TX1 Consumer Cameras
  9. Chapter 2 Celine Tricart: Stereoscopic Storytelling
  10. Chapter 3 Alexander Lentjes: Creating a 3D Homage to Bad Films
  11. Chapter 4 Eric Deren: Shooting 3D Video in Freefall
  12. Chapter 5 Sean Isroelit and Jeff Amaral: Producing 3D with High-Tech Tools and Talents
  13. Chapter 6 Jo Eldoen and Karl Bryhn: Creating Abstract CG Animation on the Z-Axis
  14. Chapter 7 John Hart: Shooting Time-Lapse 3D Movies with Digital Still Cameras
  15. Chapter 8 Ryan Suits: Shooting Black Light in 3D
  16. Chapter 9 Santiago Caisedo: Inventing 3D Movies from Mixed Toolsets
  17. Chapter 10 Stephen Les: Editing with CineForm Neo3D
  18. Chapter 11 Takashi Sekitani: Getting Creative with Canine POV and Hyperstereo in 3D
  19. Chapter 12 Zoe Beloff: Creating Apparitions in 3D
  20. Chapter 13 Bernard Mendiburu and Eric Kurland: The World’s First 720p International Skype 3D
  21. Chapter 14 Tommy Tripodes: Building a 3D System in Film School
  22. Chapter 15 Tom Koester: Doing It All in 3D
  23. Chapter 16 Ray Zone: Making 3D Movies with a Stereo Club
  24. Chapter 17 John E. Hart: Jesting with Urban Legends in the Short 3D Film
  25. Chapter 18 Ron Labbe: From the Computer Monitor to the Giant Screen
  26. Chapter 19 Phil McNally: Making a Short Film to Get a Job in Hollywood
  27. Chapter 20 John Rupkalvis: Making 3D Camera Systems Smaller
  28. Chapter 21 Perry Hoberman: Performing and Inventing 3D
  29. Chapter 22 Stephen Gibson: Shooting and Finishing a 3D Feature Film on the Desktop
  30. Chapter 23 Al Razutis: A Complete 3D Artist
  31. Index

Product information

  • Title: 3DIY
  • Author(s): Ray Zone
  • Release date: May 2013
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136039539