Chapter 3. Working with Files, Importing, and Exporting

Complex scenes can end up being a collection of hundreds of files, and misplacing any of them will affect the final output, so learning to work with files is critical. This chapter focuses on working with files, whether they are object files, texture images, or background images. Files enable you to move scene pieces into and out of Max. You also can export and import files to and from other packages.

Working with Max Scene Files

Of all the different file types and formats, you probably will work with one type of file more than any other—the Max format. Max has its own proprietary format for its scene files. These files have the .max extension and allow you to save your work as a file and return to it at a later time. Max also supports files saved with the .chr extension used for character files.

Using the Application Button

All the various file commands are located by clicking the 3ds Max logo in the upper-left corner. This logo is called the Application Button. The Application Button menu, shown in Figure 3.1, presents its menu options as icons. Several shortcuts also are presented on the Caption Bar located to the right of the Application Button.


The Application Button holds all ...

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