25G Network for a Variety of Vertical Services

Jin Yang

Verizon Communications Inc., Walnut Creek, CA, USA


This chapter illustrates 5G services, deployment architecture, service-aware autonomous network operation and management. Thus, it describes how a commercial wide-area network can support vertical markets, and how a vertical market can utilize the means in a commercial network to address their needs. The chapter provides a summary of network requirement for typical use cases. The 5G flat network architecture and standardized highlayer radio access network (RAN) split F1 interface allow more flexible service delivery and broader ecosystem. The chapter proposes a multi-access edge computing network architecture with virtualized RANs. An autonomous intelligent service-aware self-organizing network (SON) is required for the 5G network with control functions at radio, baseband distributed unit, higher layer central unit, and various edge and core servers. Operator and vertical provider play an essential and more active role to ensure smooth and coordinated operations of various SON features among a large number of configurable components.

Keywords 5G flat network architecture; edge computing network architecture; radio access network; self-organizing network; vertical markets

The fifth generation (5G) of cellular mobile technology is transforming human society. The gigabit‐per‐second ultra‐wide broadband service is happening now [1]. 5G is the enabler for a fully ...

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