Highlighters Index

In this section, we’ve attempted to compile the facts within the exam’s subject areas that you are most likely to need another look at—in other words, the areas of study that you might have highlighted while reading the Study Guide. The title of each highlighted element corresponds to the heading title in the A+ Essentials Study Guide. In this way, if you have a question about a highlight, you can refer back to the corresponding section in the Study Guide. For the most part, the entries under a heading are organized as term lists with main points that you need to memorize for the exam.

Personal Computer Components

This subsection covers a summary of highlights from the "Personal Computer Components" section in the A+ Essentials Study Guide.

Types of motherboards
  • There are two types of motherboards: integrated and nonintegrated.

  • Integrated motherboards natively possess most essential components (a video adapter and network interface card are two examples) on it.

  • A nonintegrated motherboard needs such components to be installed as add-on cards.

  • Most new personal computers have integrated motherboards.

  • The Form Factor specifies the design of the motherboard as well as details such as size and layout of components.

  • ATX is an integrated motherboard Form Factor, which allows for easier expansion.

  • The expansion slots are located at right angles to the processor and memory.

  • The ATX Form Factor allows for better airflow for cooling the core components.

  • The ATX supports soft power ...

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