Highlighters Index

In this section, we’ve attempted to compile the facts within the exam’s subject areas that you are most likely to need another look at—in other words, the areas of study that you might have highlighted while reading the Study Guide. The title of each highlighted element corresponds to the heading title in the Study Guide A+ Exams. In this way, if you have a question about a highlight, you can refer back to the corresponding section in the Study Guide. For the most part, the entries under a heading are organized as term lists with main points that you need to memorize for the exam.

Personal Computer Components

This subsection covers a summary of highlights from the "Personal Computer Components" section in the A+ Exams Study Guide.

Adding, removing, or upgrading computer components
  • Follow standard procedures when performing repairs or upgrades.

  • Use compatible components and follow the vendor’s instructions.

  • Use appropriate tools.

  • Take ESD precautions.

Selecting a storage device
  • The storage device should be compatible with the existing computer hardware.

  • The Computer BIOS must support the type of device you are going to install.

  • The operating system should be able to use its full storage capacity.

  • Make sure that you have provisions in the existing system for adding another device.

  • Check the return/refund policy and after-sales support.

Installing a hard disk
  • Set the jumpers on the hard disk to configure it for Cable Select, Master, or Slave.

  • Select the primary or secondary hard ...

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