Depending on the assignment, I may be required to add a little light to a scene or perhaps take a portrait on the fly, as shown in Figures 3.3 and 3.4. That’s why I always have a strobe or two handy. I’m not a big fan of on-camera flash, which is why I tend to use a two-light setup at least. My Nikon SB-910 AF Speedlight i-TTL Shoe Mount Flash allows me to set one as the master controller on my camera and the second as my remote flash off-camera. I either handhold the off-camera flash several feet away for more pleasing light direction, or place the strobe on a 175F Justin Clamp with flash shoe or one of my lightweight Manfrotto air-cushioned light stands like those in Figure 3.5. The Justin Clamp gives me the freedom to clip my flash ...

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