Chapter 4. Identity Thieves and Phishers: Protect Your Good Name and Bank Account

In this chapter

  • What Is Identity Theft?

  • What Is Phishing?

  • Is There a Pharmer in the Dell?

  • Are Those Letters from Overseas for Real?

  • Don’t Get Phished—10-Minute Tactics

  • Defend Your Identity—In an Afternoon

This chapter explains how the Internet is playing a part in one of the largest growing crime trends in the world: identity theft. It also demystifies phishing, an Internet-powered phenomenon used to steal your identity by tricking you into giving up personal information. And there’s a warning about pharming, which is phishing with a bigger net. But never phear, the chapter gives you phoolproof tricks to phight back!

What Is Identity Theft?

If you wanted to pretend you were ...

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