The OpenBSD NFS Server

By default, OpenBSD includes all the programs necessary to act as an NFS server, but you must turn it on. The NFS server requires three daemons:

  • portmap(8) . Maps requests for remote procedure call (RPC) services to TCP/IP port numbers.

  • mountd(8) . Listens for incoming NFS mount requests.

  • nfsd(8) . Processes requests for filesystem actions.

The portmap(8) daemon has its own rc.conf flag, as it can be used by many other RPC services. The mountd(8) and nfsd(8) daemons are controlled by a single rc.conf flag.

Add the following entries to rc.conf.local to start all three processes at boot time:


You can start these three daemons from scripts in /etc/rc.d. If you try to start these daemons now, however, ...

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