Chapter 3

Database Basics


check Getting to know some basic terms and concepts

check Outstanding in your field(s)

check Deciding to go flat-file or relational with your database

check Getting a table started

This may be the single most important chapter in this book. That might sound like a strong statement, but it’s really true. When you want to figure out how to actually do something, it’s essential to understand not just how it works, but why it works that way, and what’s going on behind the scenes. So after you’ve read about why Access is the right tool for you (in Chapter 1) and how to get around in the Access interface (Chapter 2), it’s time to really nail down how Access works and how to start building your database.

Database Lingo

Now, if the section heading (“Database Lingo”) is making you panic because you think I want you to memorize a bunch of database jargon, don’t worry. Just relax. Breathe normally. The next section, and many throughout this chapter, simply use some terms you need to know so you can figure out what Access is referring to in its various dialog boxes as well ...

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