Appendix A. DAO 3.0/3.5 Collections, Properties, and Methods

Microsoft Access 97 comes with a utility known as the Object Browser , which can be used to explore the DAO object hierarchy. Figure A-1 shows the Object Browser, which can be invoked from an Access code module by striking the F2 function key (or from the View menu).

The Object Browser
Figure A-1. The Object Browser

The Object Browser can be a very useful tool, but there are times when a hardcopy reference is also useful. Accordingly, this appendix contains information on the collections, properties, and methods of each of the objects in the DAO 3.0 object hierarchy (which underlies Access 95) and the DAO 3.5 (which underlies Access 97). If nothing else, this information should help point you to the right spot in the Access Online Help System.

In this DAO reference, a table listing the classes and collections available in DAO is followed by tables listing the properties and methods exposed by each class, as well as the collections that are accessible from each object. The tables also indicate whether each item applies to DAO 3.0, DAO 3.5, or both. Finally, there is a summary description of each item.

DAO Classes

Class name





An open ODBCDirect connection



A collection of Connection objects



Storage for information about a predefined object type



A collection of Container ...

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