You don’t have enough time to be patient to a fault.
Whenever everyone is accountable for something, no one is accountable.
Greg, David, and Alexandra met with Roxanne and the team leaders for a 7:00 A.M. breakfast meeting to review David’s proposal for design team membership. After brief discussion, and with only a few changes, they reached agreement. Cynthia joined the group for breakfast and had prepared the Initiative organization charts for Alexandra, David, Greg, and Roxanne; and lists of team member names for each team leader.
The remaining meeting participants arrived in time for a continental breakfast, and were in their seats for the 8:00 A.M. start in the main ballroom. Greg greeted the assembly. “Thank you for being here on time. I’ll hand the meeting over to David and Roxanne to fill you in on today’s events … David.”
“Today we’re going to divide into a number of process review teams. I’ll introduce each team leader, and then each leader will let you know who should report to his or her team [Figure 13.1]. Each team will be reasonably cross-functional. There will be suppliers of input to the process, process experts, and customers of the process output. This structure will give you an objective view of how the processes are really working today.” After David introduced each team leader, the team leader in turn called out the names of people on that team, and asked them to gather together at specific tables. At the end of the 20 minutes required ...

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