3.7. Examples of transducer calculations

Example 3.6. An ideal moving-coil loudspeaker produces 2   W of acoustic power into an acoustic load of 4   ×   104   N   s/m5 when driven from an amplifier with a constant voltage output of 1.0   V rms. The area of the diaphragm is 100   cm2. What open-circuit voltage will it produce when operated as a microphone with an rms diaphragm velocity of 10   cm/s?
Solution. From Fig. 3.35 we see that, always,
e ˜ = B l u ˜ .
The power dissipated W gives us the rms volume velocity of the diaphragm U rms:
U rms = W R A = 2 4 × 10 4 = 7.07 × 10 3

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