Appendix 1

The Ad Hoc Networks Simulator (ANS)




A1.1. The ANS Application

To carry out our simulations, we contributed to the modification and improvement of an application by adding the following models:

– TCL script generation for the OLSR protocol and simulation of various possible scenarios.

– Support of new the OLSRQSUP protocol integrated at ns level, with script generation and execution of simulations.

– Integration of nam file generation procedure (the existing application did not allow this).

– The ANS application is compatible with version ns-2.27 and version 2.28 (Figures A1.1A1.3).

However, for the application to be supported and useable in version 2.28, some modifications to the file /mac/ are needed.

Figure A1.1. ANS application


Figure A1.2. ANS support for OLSRQSUP protocol


Figure A1.3. Simulation of an OLSRQSUP protocol scenario using ANS


A1.1. Traces

We added functions that allow tables for the (OLSR/OLSRQSUP) protocol to be established at trace-file level by referring to the script level.

Figure A1.4 shows an extract from a trace file using the OLSRQSUP protocol (Figure A1.5).

Figure A1.4. Extract from trace file using OLSRQSUP

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