Virtual Cinematography
Figure 9.35. Radical color transformation is undertaken to give this no-budget action
movie parody the feel of the kind of big budget action films it satirizes. Techniques
such as using a color solid to transform the lighting and color of footage are explored
throughout Chapter 12. (Images courtesy
Third-party After Effects plug-ins exist specifically to add a film look to video. The Magic Bullet
Suite (a set of plug-ins for After Effects and Apples Final Cut Pro) was created so that The Orphanage
could help filmmakers shoot cheaply using digital cameras and achieve the look of film in post (demo
version on the disc).
And really, youve just scratched the surface of whats possible. The inventive compositor can and should
always look for new methods to replicate the way that the camera sees the world, going beyond realism to
present the realism weve become so accustomed to seeingrealism through the lens.

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