Chapter 10

Creating Calculated Metrics to Accelerate Analyses


Bullet Creating calculated metrics from existing metrics

Bullet Building your own metrics on-the-fly

Bullet Managing, curating, and using data from calculated metrics

As you know, metrics — along with dimensions — are essential components of data analysis. Metrics are a key part of all reports, tables, and data visualizations in any analytics platform. Metrics such as page views, visits, orders, and revenue are imperative to incorporate into your daily life as an analyst.

In this chapter, you take metrics to another level by using calculated metrics.

Understanding and Defining Calculated Metrics

In Chapter 2 we define metrics as quantitative measurements that answer questions such as “how many?” or “how much?” Calculated metrics continue to answer these questions by incorporating mathematical computations.

You may be familiar with calculated metrics in Google Analytics, where you can combine addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to create calculated metrics. The Google Analytics calculated metric feature is available in Admin Console. In current versions of Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360, you're ...

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