Chapter 38 Working with ORM


Welcome to ORM 415

ColdFusion and Hibernate 416

Getting Started with ORM 416

Working with Persistent CFCs 417

Hibernate and Sessions 431

Working with Relationships 432

Enhancing Your Entities 448

Searching with ORM 448

Lazy Is Good! 452

Digging Deeper into Hibernate 453

Welcome to ORM

By now, you’ve written many ColdFusion templates, and it’s a good bet that many of them make use of databases. One of ColdFusion’s earliest reasons for success was how simple it made working with databases. ColdFusion 9 kicks this up a notch, making it even easier to develop database-backed Web sites and applications.

ColdFusion 9 introduces the concept of a built-in ORM framework. ORM—which stands for object relational ...

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