Chapter 30. Getting to Know


  • Setting up your login

  • Exploring the services

  • Getting started on

A is an Adobe service and not really part of any application. The service was first introduced along with the release of Acrobat 9, which has a variety of menu commands to access services found on In addition, all the Creative Suite 5 applications have menu commands that enable you to get to for Web conferencing.

Any user of any application can make use of the services. You don't have to be a user of any particular Adobe software application to use . You can use these free services to share files, distribute forms, host and participate in Web conferences, and use the Adobe Buzzword service for an online word processor.

Because you don't have to be an Adobe software user to access, interacting with clients and refining concepts and ad campaigns is much easier for designers using Creative Suite applications.

In this chapter, we cover getting started using and in Chapters 27, 32, 33, and 34, we talk about specific services you might use with forms, file sharing, review sessions, and Web conferencing. Consider this chapter your gateway to the service center where you can explore the many options that this service affords.

Obtaining an Adobe ID

Regardless of the type of activity you want to use on, you need to create an Adobe ID. Creating ...

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