Chapter 32. Sharing Files


  • Working with PDF Portfolios

  • Sharing files via e-mail

  • Sharing files via

In Chapter 30, we introduced you to As we mentioned, is a service provided by Adobe Systems during the Acrobat 9.0 release and just prior to the introduction of the Creative Suite 3.3.

Using your account, you can share files with clients and colleagues without having to worry about configuring your own local server for permissions access.

To share a single file with other users, you can easily use methods you're familiar with such as e-mailing a document. However, if you have several files and files of different types, you may want to create a PDF Portfolio in Acrobat 9 and share the portfolio with other users via or via e-mail.

In this chapter, we talk about creating PDF Portfolios, sharing files via e-mail, and sharing files via using some sharing methods you find in Acrobat 9.0.

Creating PDF Portfolios

In Acrobat 8, Adobe introduced a new method for assembling different files in what was called a PDF Package. PDF Packages were designed to support needs by designers and knowledge workers to collect a variety of file types and assemble them neatly in a single package that could be distributed to others via e-mail or Web hosting.

In Acrobat 9, you find all the features we had available with PDF Packages introduced in Acrobat 8 and additional features that have greatly improved the collection of various documents ...

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