Chapter 6. Clipping Paths, Alignment, and Object Transformation

In This Chapter

  • Transforming objects with the Transform panel

  • Transforming objects with the Free Transform tool

  • Rotating and scaling objects

  • Shearing and reflecting objects

  • Adding a clipping path

  • Aligning and distributing objects in a layout

In this chapter, you discover several different ways to manipulate and arrange objects on a page. You find out how to use the Transform panel and other tools in the Tools panel to transform objects on page layouts. You can make the same transformation in many different ways in InDesign, so for each way you can transform an object, we show you a couple different ways to do the same job.

Aligning and distributing objects and images helps you organize elements logically on a page. In this chapter, you find out how to align objects by using the Align panel. In Chapter 5 of this minibook, we touch on vector paths. This chapter provides more information about clipping paths. We show you how to create a new path to use as a clipping path for an image in your document.

Working with Transformations

Chapter 4 of this minibook shows you how to transform graphic objects by skewing them. You can manipulate objects in InDesign in many other ways. You can transform an object by selecting an individual object and choosing Object

Working with Transformations

Looking at the Transform panel

The Transform panel, shown in Figure 6-1, is extremely ...

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