Chapter 8

Formatting Element Visibility, Positioning, and Sizing

In This Chapter

arrow Concealing and revealing elements

arrow Automating scroll bars

arrow Managing overflow

arrow Adjusting opacity

arrow Applying layout presets and defaults

In Chapter 8, I present how to animate and format several aspects of the elements you use in your animation. This includes formatting and animating visibility: You can choose when, where, and for how long an element appears on the Stage by using visibility.

In addition, scroll bars and the Overflow property enable you to work with content that is larger than the container. For example, scroll bars provide your audience with a way to access and read text that doesn’t fit entirely on the screen.

When creating animations, you expect to size and position elements as needed — and Edge Animate responds with a ton of positioning and sizing features. This includes a variety of layout presets.

Setting the Visibility of Elements

You can format and animate the visibility of an element ...

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