Adobe Illustrator Visual QuickStart Guide

Book description

Learn Adobe Illustrator with the Visual QuickStart Guidethe quick and easy way!

Visual QuickStart Guide is an easy, visual approach to learning. Concise steps and explanations guide you through Adobe Illustrator, getting you up and running in no time. In addition, the free Web Edition of the book includes more than 40 videos, enhancing and expanding the information in the book while providing an alternative method for learning. Whether youre an experienced designer or an enthusiastic newcomer, Illustrator gives you all the tools you need to begin creating impressive vector artwork. Learn how to navigate the application and set up your documents to start drawing quickly, using a variety of tools and features. Then youll move on to applying appearance attributes and effects for adding visual interest to your artwork. Once your artwork is complete youll learn how to save and export it using best practices. This book provides you with:

An easy visual approach that uses pictures to guide you through Adobe Illustrator features and shows you what to do.

Concise steps and explanations that let you get up and running in no time.

The best content and value around, page for page.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Special Thanks to
  6. Pearson’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  7. Contents at a Glance
  8. Table of Contents
  9. List of Videos
  10. Introduction
    1. How to Use this Book
    2. Sharing Space with Windows and macOS
    3. Online Content
  11. 1. The Basics
    1. The Illustrator Interface
    2. Launching Illustrator
    3. Learning About Illustrator
    4. Opening an Existing File
    5. Creating a New File
    6. Working with Templates
  12. 2. Customizing the Application
    1. Accessing the Document Windows
    2. Using the Toolbar
    3. Working with Panels
    4. Working with the Properties Panel
    5. Working with the Control Panel
    6. Customizing Workspaces
    7. Configuring Illustrator Preferences
  13. 3. Working with Artboards
    1. Artboards Overview
    2. Adding Artboards
    3. Modifying Artboards
    4. Managing Artboards
  14. 4. Working with Color
    1. Accessing Fill and Stroke Controls
    2. Using the Eyedropper Tool
    3. Using the Color Picker
    4. Using the Color Panel
    5. Using the Swatches Panel
    6. Using the Color Guide Panel
    7. Applying Color Changes Using Menus
  15. 5. Navigating Documents
    1. Changing Magnification
    2. Using the Hand and Rotate View Tools
    3. Using the Navigator Panel
    4. Changing View Modes
    5. Using Rulers
    6. Using Guides and Grids
    7. Using Smart Guides
  16. 6. Organizing Artwork
    1. Organizing Elements Using Layers
    2. Selecting Elements Using Layers
    3. Working with Groups
    4. Managing Artwork Hierarchy and Structure
    5. Aligning and Distributing Elements
  17. 7. Selecting Elements
    1. Selecting Objects Using Tools
    2. Working with Isolation Mode
    3. Selecting Objects Using Commands
    4. Setting Selection Preferences
  18. 8. Customizing Strokes
    1. Selecting a Stroke
    2. Working with the Stroke Panel
    3. Applying Varied Stroke Widths
    4. Converting Stroked Paths to Objects
  19. 9. Drawing Lines, Curves, and Paths
    1. Creating Lines and Curves with the Pen Tool
    2. Using the Curvature Tool
    3. Using the Line Segment Tools Group
    4. Drawing with the Pencil Tool
  20. 10. Creating Shapes and Symbols
    1. Creating Rectangles and Squares
    2. Creating Ovals, Circles, and Pie Segments
    3. Creating Polygons
    4. Creating Stars
    5. Saving Objects as Symbols
  21. 11. Adding and Customizing Text
    1. Adding Text
    2. Choosing Fonts
    3. Customizing Character Settings
    4. Customizing Paragraph Settings
    5. Working with Tabs
    6. Using Character and Paragraph Styles
    7. Working with Special Characters
    8. Managing Text Content
  22. 12. Working with Brushes and Sketch Tools
    1. Working with the Brushes Panel
    2. Using Brush Libraries
    3. Creating Brushes
    4. Managing Brushes
    5. Painting with the Paintbrush Tool
    6. Painting with the Blob Brush Tool
    7. Sketching with the Shaper Tool
    8. Sketching with the Pencil Tool
  23. 13. Modifying Vector Objects and Paths
    1. Modifying Objects Using Bounding Boxes
    2. Modifying Objects Using Tools
    3. Cutting Objects and Paths Using Tools
    4. Modifying Paths Using Freeform Tools
    5. Modifying Objects Using Panels
    6. Modifying Objects Using Commands
  24. 14. Transforming Objects
    1. Using Liquify Tools to Reshape Objects
    2. Blending Objects
    3. Masking Artwork
    4. Applying Transparency and Blending Modes
    5. Applying Gradients
    6. Working with Live Paint
  25. 15. Adding Visual Effects
    1. Applying Illustrator Effects
    2. Applying Photoshop Effects
  26. 16. Managing Appearance Attributes
    1. Modifying Applied Effects Using the Properties Panel
    2. Using the Appearance Panel
    3. Working with Graphic Styles
    4. Using Graphic Style Libraries
  27. 17. Importing Assets
    1. Placing Files
    2. Managing Placed Files
    3. Using Image Trace to Convert Raster Images to Vector Artwork
    4. Importing Photoshop (.psd) Files
    5. Importing Acrobat (.pdf) Files
    6. Importing Text Documents
  28. 18. Saving and Exporting Files and Assets
    1. Maximizing Document Efficiency
    2. Managing Color Settings
    3. Managing Metadata
    4. Saving Illustrator Files
    5. Packaging Files
    6. Exporting Files Using Export As
    7. Exporting with Export for Screens
    8. Using the Asset Export Panel
    9. Working with Save for Web
  29. A. Illustrator Preferences
    1. Access the Preferences dialog box
    2. General
    3. Selection & Anchor Display
    4. Type
    5. Units
    6. Guides & Grid
    7. Smart Guides
    8. Slices
    9. Hyphenation
    10. Plug-ins & Scratch Disks
    11. User Interface
    12. Performance
    13. File Handling
    14. Clipboard Handling
    15. Appearance of Black
    16. Devices
  30. B. Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. Dive Deeper
    2. Common Shortcuts
  31. Index

Product information

  • Title: Adobe Illustrator Visual QuickStart Guide
  • Author(s): Lisa Fridsma
  • Release date: May 2022
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780137597758