Adobe Photoshop CS3 on Demand

Book description

Adobe® Photoshop® CS3



• Browse, organize, and process files using Adobe Bridge and Version Cue

• Use automatic layer alignment and blending to work with objects

• Use live filters to view and modify the results of opening files

• Use more precise color correction to enhance a photo

• Easily convert images to black and white

• Use image trickery to change or enhance an image

• Create eye catching bevels and special effects

• Transform plain text into a show-stopping image

• Create Web animation sequences the easy way

• Use tool presets to construct the right tool for the right job

• Test content on different target devices using Adobe Device Central

On the Web

This book uses real world examples to give you a context in which to perform a task. This book also includes workshops to help you put together individual tasks into projects. The Photoshop example files that you need for project tasks are available at

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Includes ACE Courseware Objectives!

This courseware meets the objectives for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Program. Upon completion of this courseware you may be prepared to take an exam for ACE qualification. To learn more about becoming an Adobe Certified Expert, visit

Introduction       xix

1          Getting Started with Photoshop CS3        1

2          Understanding Navigation and Measurement Systems 33

3          Customizing the Way You Work     51

4          Mastering the Art of Selection       77

5          Working with Layers 97

6          Working with the History Palette    119

7          Working with Adjustment Layers, Filters, and Tools       135

8          Understanding Colors and Channels        167

9          Using the Paint, Shape Drawing, and Eraser Tools        205

10        Creating Layer and Channel Masks           231

11        Using the Paths Palette       253

12        Working with Layer Styles   273

13        Getting Creative with Type 295

14        Manipulating Images with Filters   319

15        Automating Your Work with Actions           347

16        Controlling Image Output    369

17        Working with Automate Commands 397

18        Managing Color from Monitor to Print 419

19        Designing for the Web and Devices 441

20        Extending Photoshop CS3 475

21        Working Together with Adobe Programs 491

Workshops: Putting It All Together 509

            New Features    535

            Adobe Certified Expert   539

Index    545

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  • Title: Adobe Photoshop CS3 on Demand
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2007
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  • ISBN: 9780789736918