Chapter 6. Getting Organized with the Library Module


  • Understanding the Library module's layout

  • Learning to use keywording and metadata

  • Using labels, stars, and flags to tag special files

  • Using Sync Metadata and the Painter tool to speed up the labeling process

  • Filtering your catalog so you can find the photo you need when you need it

  • Putting the pieces together to create a workflow

  • Using collections to group photos without moving them

  • Managing files and folders that go missing from the catalog

Importing new photos into Lightroom is the first step in the Production Workflow, but the real fun begins after importing. That's when you begin the funneling process that leads to your most important photos. This initial funneling process consists of three parts—viewing the photos; organizing them with information such as keywords, labels, and stars; and using that information to quickly locate them when you need them using various filtering schemes.

In this chapter, you explore each of these parts in detail so that you know exactly how this process is best carried out on your photos. You also look at how these three parts fit together to form this portion of the workflow. By the end of this chapter, you'll be ready to create an organizational system that helps you easily manage all of your photos.

Surveying the Library Module

If you've read earlier chapters to this point, you've already looked at the Library module a couple of times. This chapter presents a more in-depth look. Figure ...

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