Chapter 10. Putting the Production Workflow into Action


  • Getting an overview of the complete Production Workflow

  • Learning how a wildlife photographer puts the workflow into action in the Canadian Arctic

In the last six chapters, you explored how Lightroom is used to accomplish the goals of the Production Workflow, as shown in Figure 10.1. In each of those chapters, you looked at the workflow implications for the subject of that chapter, but you haven't put all of the parts together to create the entire Production Workflow—from import to output.

This chapter outlines the basic steps of the Lightroom workflow so you can see all of the major steps in one place. Then I show you how a wildlife photographer uses Lightroom to manage his demanding Production Workflow while photographing polar bears in the Arctic. At the end of this chapter, you'll be ready to leave Lightroom behind and begin exploring Photoshop CS3 and the Creative Workflow.

Surveying the Production Workflow

Review the first figure in this book, as shown in Figure 10.1, which represents the main goals of the Production Workflow. This list probably looks a little different now that you have a firm understanding of Lightroom. Let's review how it's used to accomplish all of these goals quickly and efficiently.

Here's the Production Workflow schematic you looked at in Chapter 1. Remember that some of these steps can take place concurrently. For example, Steps 1, 2, and 3 are addressed during Import.

Figure 10.1. Here's the Production Workflow schematic you looked at in Chapter 1. Remember that some of these ...

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