Welcome to the next level

In the previous chapters, we've covered the basics of all the great things you can do with your photos in Lightroom. I think by now you've seen that, in most cases, you can do everything you want with your photos, entirely from within Lightroom, using a repeatable set of workflow procedures.

Now's the time to take it a few steps further. There will eventually be situations that fall outside the norm, in which you need more than just the basics of Lightroom. This chapter provides detailed instructions on numerous ways that you can leverage the strengths of Lightroom when you want to also use other software for processing your photos or have unique logistical requirements.

Publish services

Lightroom 3's new Publish Services panel, accessed from the Library module (see Figure 9-1), provides one-click—or even automatic—exporting to local hard disks and online photo sharing services such as Flickr.

Figure 9-1

Figure 9.1. Figure 9-1

Publish services keep track of versions of photos, when they were published, and what's been modified since the last publication. Publishing photos provides essentially the same functionality as exporting, but with ties to collections of images and automation, making it very easy to keep your exported files always updated to the latest version.

Publish services function similarly to collections and smart collections (and ...

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