Chapter 17

Ten Things to Know About Organizing and Editing in Lightroom


Bullet Getting help and support

Bullet Sorting, viewing, and filtering options

Bullet Finding photos with Adobe Sensei search

Bullet Adding new photos

Bullet Using the editing tools

Bullet Exporting copies

Chapter 16 was devoted to getting you set up with syncing your Lightroom Classic catalog with Lightroom for mobile. This chapter builds on that chapter with a look at the top things you need to know about using Lightroom for mobile to organize and edit your photos. Keep in mind that while Lightroom Classic is the ultimate home base for all of our photos in this workflow, there is still a lot we can do while we are on the go. I use Lightroom on my iPhone as my primary mobile camera app (see Chapter 18), but I also use it to import photos from a memory card while in the field. No matter where my photos are coming from, I can leverage all ...

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