Chapter 6. Borrowing Open Source Practices at Europace

  • Year, place founded: 2011, Berlin, Germany (subsidiary of Hypoport AG, founded in 1999)

  • Area(s) of business: Financial services

  • Revenues: ca. €78 million (2017)

  • Offices: One location (with several remote colleagues)

  • Number of employees worldwide: 150

  • Number of software engineers: 70

  • Year of InnerSource adoption: 2017

Europace AG is a medium-sized FinTech company founded in 1999 in Berlin, Germany, employing about 150 people. It operates Germany’s largest financial marketplace for mortgages and consumer loans in Germany, as well as related insurances. With its transaction platform,1 Europace creates and develops markets for its customers. Its fully integrated system is a digital marketplace that connects financial advisors with almost 500 partners, including banks, building societies, and insurance companies. Financial advisors use the EUROPACE frontend to choose from the best financing offers for their clients, and Europace APIs enable partners to build their own applications based on the company’s system. Several thousand users are involved in more than 35,000 transactions, representing a total value of approximately four billion Euro each month. Europace’s platform is compliant with German and European financial (e.g., WIKR/BAFin) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws and standards. The company is a fully owned subsidiary of Hypoport AG, a corporation listed at the German ...

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