Chapter 10. Jini: Sun's Technology of Impromptu Networks

  • Examples of Jini

  • Where Did Jini Come From?

  • Our Working Jini Example

  • Basic Jini Concepts: "Discovery, Join, and Lookup Oh My!"

  • Getting Started with Jini

  • Lets Get to the Code!

The introduction of the iMac was no small factor in Apple's rejuvenation. It was also a revolutionary computer. The iMac's success came from its appeal to regular folk, those ordinary people who cared less about the size of its hard drive and more about the color of the case. In short, the iMac was marketed (and purchased) as an appliance. People could buy it, bring it home, plug it in, and it just worked. It worked right out of the box, no hassles, and no complicated instructions. That concept is what Jini is all about.

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