Maps and Map Projections

Chapter Outline


4.1 Introduction

4.2 Types of Maps

4.3 Scale of a Map

4.4 Representing the Scale of a Map

4.5 Map Symbols

4.6 Uses of Maps

4.7 Characteristics of Maps

4.8 Map Projection

4.9 An Ideal Map Projection

4.10 Projection Characteristics

4.11 The Standard Parallel and Standard Meridian

4.12 Different Map Projections

4.13 Construction of Map Projection

4.14 Cylindrical Map Projection

4.15 Conical Projections

4.16 Azimuthal Projections

4.1 Introduction

Geodesy is the science concerned with the study of the shape and size of the earth in the geometrical sense, and the study of certain physical phenomena, such as gravity, seeking explanation of fine irregularities in the earth’s shape. The subject is intimately ...

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