The Coordinate System

Chapter Outline


5.1 Introduction

5.2 Plane Coordinate Systems

5.3 Plane Cartesian Coordinates

5.4 Plane Polar Coordinates

5.5 Cartesian 3-D Coordinate Systems

5.6 Geographic Coordinate Systems

5.7 Projected Coordinate Systems

5.8 Astronomical Coordinate Systems

5.9 Geoid and Reference Ellipsoids

5.10 Cartography

5.11 GPS Mapping

5.12 Transformation Methods

5.13 Factors Influencing the Choice of Suitable Map Projections

5.1 Introduction

Coordinates are a conventional method of recording position in space. They may be used to locate position in two dimensions, such as a point on a graph. The definition of a coordinate position on the surface of a three-dimensional body such as a sphere or spheroid is more difficult. However, ...

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