20Novel Concepts in Multi‐rotor VTOL UAV Dynamics and Stability

Emaid A. Abdul Retha

Unmanned Vehicle University, Phoenix, AZ, USA

20.1 Introduction

The multi‐rotor is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) lifted and propelled by two or more motors, usually electric, with propellers. The multi‐copter (as it is also called) is classified as a rotary UAV, which in contrast to fixed‐wing UAVs uses multiple rotating profiles or propellers for flight. This vehicle is characterized by a simple design with control of the craft delivered by varying the rotation of its rotors. In recent years, the perception of the uses of the multi‐rotor has increased due to its flexibility. It can to meet many of the requirements of vertical take‐off and landing (VTOL) UAVs for applications in reconnaissance and surveillance.

The different sites that need reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring demand changes in the shape and configuration of VTOL UAVs, so as to guarantee operations in each set of special circumstances; for example, in narrow areas between buildings, in dense forests, in high winds and in areas of critical infrastructure with difficult and dangerous access. Effective multi‐rotor electromechanical design modifications can increase the under‐actuation of conventional multi‐rotors, leading to an increase in manoeuvrability and the ability to resist wind and fly in tight spaces.

The unmanned aerial system (UAS) industry is highly technological, and defines the development level of any state. ...

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